Does my bum look big in this?



The fashion for a big bum is causing some women to go to dramatic extremes to get one. FV1’s Motunrayo Oyetunji isn’t one of them

Having a big backside, booty, butt, tush... - whatever you want to call it – seems to be the a growing fashion for some. Originally popular with Latino and black American women, more and more Brits are now travelling overseas to go under the knife or have silicone injected into them to get the perfect bum.

Bottom implant surgery is a procedure in which the bum is lifted or enlarged with implants to give it a rounder shape. It’s normally carried out under a general anesthetic and can take up to three hours. Butt-boosting injections, meanwhile, are illegal in the UK and America and basically inject fat into the buttocks.

The rise in popularity has enabled unskilled practitioners carry out the procedure of injecting just about anything and everything into women's bum, from super glue to industrial grade silicone normally used for construction work! This is extremely dangerous and some of these procedures have led to women suffering long-term serious illness, amputation of limbs and even death. 

So, why on earth would anyone risk that for a big bum? Perhaps the media and, in particular, the rise of hip-hop and grime culture, should take some of the blame. The media seems to be obsessed with female celebrities with big bums. Take the furore over Kim Kardashian – she is all over the media flaunting her booty. And how about Nicki Minaj’s enormous behind? And then there’s the hip-hop music videos with gyrating women sticking their bum in our faces, while grime artists like Sneakbo show their admiration: ‘I like girls with an African back, jetski...’

Women think a big bum will enhance their sex appeal and give them more confidence. But really, girls, let’s think about it – is this the kind of attention you really want? You blow a couple of thousand pounds and, if the procedure doesn’t go horrible wrong, you get to feel sexy for a while and may even get a few wolf whistles from hungry men. But it’s not YOU getting the attention, it’s your ASS!

Personally, I think the whole process is a waste of time, money and also a BIG risk on one’s life. Even if the procedure is done by a professional doctor, it can still go wrong! Seriously, ladies, you have to love and accept your body the way it is. The love you have for yourself is the sort of love someone else will have for you. So embrace it. And if you really can’t, I’ve heard there are exercises you can do to make your booty bigger. Or if you're like me and too impatient for that, watch my video to see how you can get a big bum in less than five minutes. Yup, I'm serious. 

Watch Motunrayo's video in FV1 magazine!

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